This is a 3rd-1/2 generation version of an older moedel of a 1970's Slide Rule/Scientific calculator. It was heavily customized, expanded and forked, It was made with Space Patrollers in mind. Just to show how heavily it is customized, how many calcs do you know that have a full-bore search facility or a SPACE PATROL Flight calculation subroutine? Also, to do this kind of key customization you will need to use an image editor like Though designed around Firefox 2, this unit uses two advamced math subroutines that need IE Tab (GET THEM NOW). The manual has also been customized. Instead of the introduction, instructions and history, there is just a single page of data and the manual, since this is a mimic of a 1970's Slide Rule/Scientific calculator, is an integral part of the set, containing, like the originals, tables and things you need to do real work,

Another feature is dual mode Algebraic/RPN function that lets you get at one from the other and you can choose which is to be the default mode and make the link to that on your desktop or in your bookmarks, start bar or what ever way you keep it near at hand.